When I was in second grade, my class visited an old mountain homestead. The smell of sun-bleached wood, and lard and lye soap ignited my imagination. What sticks out in my memory most was a pair of small, impossibly-narrow women’s boots—someone wore those boots, washed with that bar of soap, and lived their life in that tiny wooden house! I fell in love with writing around the same time because it gave me an outlet for my dizzying imagination. As a sophomore in high school, I took a college-level creative writing class, which helped me understand both how serious I was about writing, and how magic it was, not just to write, but to learn how to write. In college I took several creative writing classes as electives, because “being” a writer wasn’t “practical.” After graduating with a Master’s Degree in U.S. History and teaching history for 8 years in tough public schools, all the while putting my writing on the back burner, I finally decided to jettison the “practical” and do what I love. I am currently writing historical fiction, memoir, and personal essays.

Works in Progress

  • Queen Azalea (a historical fiction novel about a mother and son separated by institutional walls and madness)

  • Fear is a Friend (a memoir)

  • Various personal essays


  • Haiku published in Three Line Poetry, Issue #45, September 2017. 

  • "Glossy Pages", Palimpsest, University of Colorado Creative Arts Journal, 2010.

  • Sentinels of the Sun: Forecasting Space Weather, by Barbara B. Poppe and Kristen P. Jorden, Johnson Books, Boulder, 2006.

    • Reviewed in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Vol. 88, No. 5, May 2007.

    • Reviewed in the Space Weather Quarterly, Vol. 4, Issue 2, 2007.

    • Nominated for the 2006 Eugene M. Emme Astronautical Literature Award.

    • Available from Amazon.com

  • Poetry (haiku)

    • Volumes 1 and 2 of my self-published haiku-photo books are available for purchase by clicking here.

Publications as a child

  • Just an Inkling: The Boulder Valley School District Literary Magazine, May 1998, "Spring Evening."

  • The Mountain Ear, March 26, 1998, "A Lovely, Crisp Spring Evening Comes Home."

  • Images of Boulder County Parks and Open Space, Fall 1995, "Thirty Three Bridges to Nederland."

  • High Country Journal, June 1995, "The Man in Black."

  • The Mountain Ear, December 15, 1994, Letter to the Editor, "Memorial Touches All Who Pass."

  • Images of Boulder County Parks and Open Space, Fall 1993, "The Turn of the Century."

  • The Mountain Ear, June 17, 1993, Citizen's Column, "Sixth Grade Student Leaves Protective Shell."

  • Images of Boulder County Parks and Open Space, Fall 1992, "1881."

Defunct Blogs (will these someday see a revival? Perhaps…)

Freedom from Want (some want to stop aching for food everyday, some want to stop aching from all their food everyday—we all want freedom from want)

The At-Risk Teacher (the ills of public education through the eyes of a (drop-out) teacher)

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